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There is a new Direct Pay Program that hit the net a few weeks ago.  It is called The Independent Profit Center.  It is a very simple program that allows you to get paid directly on every sale that you make.

The pay structure allows you to get paid BEFORE the company does.

That means that once you join, all you have to do is make one sale and you are pretty much at a break even point.  The second paid sale puts you well into profit.

I was able to produce my first several sales by posting a few free ads online.  I put some ads on and a few more on craigslist.  That was it.

And that put me in profit with 48 hours of setting my site up.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more posts with more information on this and other programs.

I will also be adding some great informational posts that will show you some very effective methods of advertising online.

To check out my Independent Profit Center site just click on the link.

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  1. Mark Gilmore says:

    I’m very interested in the IPC program and I’m looking for someone that will provide me assistance in addition to the help provided by IPC itself.

    I’m curious though – if I sign up with you, don’t I immediately become your competition? And each person I sign up becomes my competition. It’s obviously not the same as selling a product to someone and having a repeat customer in the future.

    If you can help me with this concept and share with me how an d why you’ll help me be successful, then you can bet I’ll be signing up with you.

    Thank you,

  2. Brett Shelite says:

    Hey Mark…

    I am glad to see that you are considering the IPC Program and that you are doing some due diligence instead of just jumping in like some people do.

    It is also good that you are looking for someone to work with that will help you out as you go along. Be sure to keep in mind though, that no matter who you work with, myself included, that your ultimate success is up to you.

    We can help you as much as possible but we can’t actually do the work for you.

    I have several things I do to assist those I who choose to work with me. Here are just a few…

    First, I provide a no cost membership in a powerful online marketing university. The reason I do this is because I know for a fact that once a person properly learns the skill of marketing online and driving lots of targeted traffic to their website that they can and will be successful in anything they decide to promote online.

    Second, in addition to the support that IPC provides I am available to answer any questions or give any help I can. Yes even after you have made the decision and joined IPC.

    Also, quite a few of those who have made the decision to work with me have asked me to put together an advertising co-op to assist them with their paid advertising efforts. I am working the details out on that.

    In addition, I frequently purchase resale rights for great marketing training and then turn around and give them away ( if I am allowed to) to those who I am working with.

    As for competion… sorry I just don’t believe in it. The pool is just too large. I know people who have been in the same direct sales program for years and they still make sales every single day.

    Look at it this way. How many 17 year olds are online that will turn 18 this year? How many of them might start looking for an online business?

    How many people are online now might decide for the first time today to look at a way to earn money from home?

    How many people are getting online for the first time? How many of them might consider working from home?

    I’m sure you get the point.

    As for repeat customers… not in the sense you are thinking. But consider this. What if you decide to work with me and you become very successful with IPC. And you decide you want to add another program to your portfolio so that you can have multiple streams of income like I do.

    More than likely you are going to come to me and get my opinion on what to get involved with and add to your portfolio.

    Chances are good that you will join another of my programs and now you are a “repeat customer”.

    That is another reason I want you to be successful with IPC and why I will be available to answer your questions.

    Whether you choose to work with me with IPC or not, I wish you the best of luck.

    Brett Shelite
    The HBB Advisor

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