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What Happens When You Offer A Marketing Tool That Every Business Owner Needs?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

There are so many business opportunities available online that most people don’t know where to start.  And with all the new programs popping up it just gets worse.

It makes it difficult for a person to promote their business and even more difficult for them to keep any new members active.  It seems everyone is program hopping.

So how does one actually take advantage of this problem?


Offer Marketing Tools!

If you find tools that you can sell that actually help ANYONE that markets online, including the brick and mortar companies that are starting to come online then you are golden and your profit potential is staggering.

Once a business person uses a tool that works they are hooked.  They will continue to pay for that tool month after month because it is making their life much easier.  So you don’t have to worry about keeping people active so you continue to get paid.

Offer a tool that pays you monthly and your ongoing monthly income will increase month after month to often staggering levels.


Brett Shelite


Power of Residual Income

Monday, October 17th, 2011
The Power of Residual Income

Become a Millionaire

History has been made — with high unemployment, inflation steadily rising and millions of people losing control of their financial future, there is an overwhelming demand for people to take control of their financial future.

The days of developing a business plan are long gone.  Getting a loan is next to impossible in today’s economic environment and hiring a staff just does not work like it use to.   With a good 100% Pay Online business however, there is no money to borrow and no time to waste.

This environment calls for smart and secure measures. Your financial future in your hands. It is no longer safe to leave your future in the hands of others.  You must take control now and leverage the state of the economy along with the Internet to create an overwhelmingly successful opportunity.

Today’s economy, combined with the fact that the Internet allows you to market to an unlimited number of people all over the world, has created the perfect business model.


How long would it take you to put $24,000 in the bank? 

How about $120,000 or $240,000 or $1,200,000? 

How much would you need to make at your current job to do this?

Check out the chart just above and you will see that if you had only $24,000 in the bank and were earning 5% on that money (good luck with that) you would be making a measly $100 per month on your money.  You would need $1,200,000 in the bank at the same rate to earn only $5,000 per month in residual income.

But how long would it take you to put $24,000 in the bank… let alone $1.2 million.  It just isn’t possible for most of the population.

BUT…. if you had a residual income of just $5,000 per month it would be like having that $1.2 million in the bank.  Which would be easier for you.  Building an online residual income of  $5,000 per month or working your way to $1.2 million dollars in the bank and finding a way to earn 5% on that money?

That is your subject to think about for today.

Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor

Mobile Optimize Your Business Now

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Local Mobile MarketingIs your business mobile optimized?  Chances are it isn’t.  Statistics show that more than 9 of 10 businesses are not mobile optimized and this is costing them money, a lot of money in some cases.  Why?  Because right now almost half of all local searches are done via a mobile device.   These mobile searchers, who have proven to be worth more than desktop searchers because they are usually looking to buy, not just browsing, are not happy when they click on a site that does not work properly on their device.

Being mobile friendly is just as important for online only businesses as it is for local and brick and mortar businesses.  This includes home based business people who are promoting mlm and network marketing companies.  For example if a business is advertising on facebook or twitter and sending traffic to a traditional website they are wasting half or more of their traffic.  Facebook claims that half of their traffic comes from mobile devices and stats show that more than half of all twitter traffic is mobile.

What can you learn from this?

You MUST mobile optimize NOW.

Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor.


Amega Global is History…. Another MLM Closes Down…

Friday, September 16th, 2011

As announced on MLM Watchdog


See the full story here

or… check out even more details as announced by Len Clements here

GVO Announces The Launch of Host Then Profits – Turning Web Hosting Into An Automated Profit Machine

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

GVO Host Then Profits

I have been using GVO Hosting for a long time.  In fact I was a client even before it was called KIOSK hosting.

GVO hosting is currently being used by the top internet and network marketers online… including…

Me, Mike Filsaime, Kimball Roundy, Daegan Smith, Mark Call, Janet Legere, Jeff Johnson, Stephen Pierce, Coach Deb Micek, Michael Cheney, Todd Gross, Frank Rumbauskas, Jane Mark, Derrick Van Dyke, Tellman Knudson, Joel Broughton, Keith Carberry, Tom Beal, Frank Sousa, Ewen Chia, Ken Mcarthur…

and many, many more!

Well… I have some exciting news for you.  GVO just announced the pre-launch of Host Then Profits! Now you can turn your hosting into a profit center.

Host Then Profits allows you to host your sites with one of the best hosts online and have the potential to make a strong monthly income just for sharing Host Then Profits with others.

They not only give you Rock Solid Web Hosting but you also get six of the most powerful business building tools on the net!  All in one location under one powerful web hosting account!


Plus you can test the hosting out for just $1 for 7 days…

Check out GVO’s Host Then Profits Web Hosting Now!


Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor