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Making Money On Internet – Can Real Money Be Made On The Internet?

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Hardly a day goes by that I am not asked at least once if the average person can really make money on the internet.

And my answer might surprise you.

While it may be possible, the AVERAGE person almost always does not and will not make money on the internet or from any form of home based business.


Simple… the average person is always looking for the next hot program to JUMP into.

The average person thinks they have to be one of the first to join something so they are always looking for start ups.

The average person wants to pay a few dollars ( or better yet nothing) to join a business but yet they want to and expect to get rich.

The average person joins a program but doesn’t want to spend any money or take any time to advertise.

The average person expects to join then sit down on the couch and watch TV and wait for the mail to arrive with their checks.

So NO… the average person does not do well with any type of home based business.  Doesn’t matter if the business is offline or online.

I know… I used to be average myself.

Constantly Failing in Your Home Based Business or MLM?

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

If you are then it is time to STOP.

Stop Failing
Stop Making It So Complicated
Stop Making Excuses

Making money from the comfort of your own him does not have to be difficult.  In fact it can be much easier than being or staying Just Over Broke in your J.O.B.

And if you are currently unemployed, underemployed, or simply looking for another job then STOP right now and consider this.

You can actually make more money on your own!

And the only reason people claim that making money from home is difficult is because they refuse to learn the skills needed for success.  And those who give up and blame it on the company they are with, or their upline or downline just don’t get it.

Postcard Marketing – Is Instant Postcard Wealth Real?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Hi Everone.

I just wanted to put up a quick announcement about my newest hub that I recently posted on hubpages.

You can check it out by going to Postcard Marketing – Is Instant Postcard Wealth For Real?

By the way if you are wondering how I am doing by following the exact instructions in the PCM course here you go.

I continue to receive opt-ins and sales on a daily basis.  So if you purchase the course and utilize the resell rights then you have a hot product that is proven to convert well.

In addition I continue to do postcard campaigns for a couple of my business opportunities that I promote and they continue to produce sign ups.

I am using several of the postcards that are suggested in the course and I purchased my list from one of the brokers mentioned in the course.

I have also discovered another broker that has some outstanding quality leads that are pulling very, very well for me.  I share this lead source to anyone who purchases the course from my Postcard Marketing site.

So yes… it really does work.

Best of Luck to you all.

The HBB Advisor

Some Jokes Are Funny Because They Are True

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Some Jokes Are Funny Because They Are True

Like, you know you’re over-the-hill when …

  1. You and your teeth don’t sleep together anymore

  2. It takes  longer to rest than it did to get tired in the first place

  3. Getting lucky means you found your car in the parking lot

Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor

Which is Riskier, The Independent Profit Center – IPC Program or Your Job?

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Below is a copy of a hub that I put up yesterday.   Let me know what you think!

What Is Riskier?

I received a very interesting email today. It asked the following question…

So what do you think is riskier? Having a regular job or working for yourself. Times are changing rapidly. Are you prepared?

So, What is the bigger risk?

I know what I think. That is why I have been “unemployable by choice” for many years and why I will always be that way.

It is well known that most people like the “safety” of that weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. They like knowing that their paycheck will be there.

But will it?

It seems that one can watch the news or read the paper or check the news online and find company after company going bankrupt or going out of business or laying people off.

And the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if over the next 6 to 12 months things don’t get much worse.

Inflation is killing the average wage earner. Food prices going up. Sometimes as much as doubling. Gas prices going up. Everyone looking for ways to save money on gas and fuel so that they can afford to feed the family. Commodity prices sky rocketing.

I could go on.

Several years ago I was working for a company and making very good money. Then one day I was notified that the company was closing its doors.

No notice. My income was just gone.

Thankfully I had started a home based business that I worked after hours that paid me enough that I didn’t have to file for bankruptcy.

It was then that I decided I no longer wanted a J.O.B.

So I ask you again. What is riskier? Your JOB or starting a home based business.

The best time to start working for yourself is BEFORE your company notifies you that your position has been cut.

This gives you the opportunity to take the time to learn how to work from home.

Because no matter what you see all over the internet you probably will not start your business today and be rich tomorrow.

There really is a learning curve involved with working from home.

I mean think about it. What if you decided to put up the Million plus dollars to start a McDonalds franchise. But before you made your payment you told them that you wanted a guarantee that you would be in profit within a few weeks and rich enough to retire within a couple of months.

What do you think their response would be.

Just like in the “real” world it takes time to learn what needs to be learned to get into profit mode.

The good news is that with a good online business you can be in profit mode much faster than with a traditional offline business.

And… you usually don’t have to put up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to start you business.

So one last time… Which is riskier? Your job or that online business you want to start?

Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor