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Independent Profit Center [ IPC Program ] Live Training Starts In September!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Hi.. The HBB Advisor here with another powerful update from Dan Miller, the owner of The Independent Profit Center [ IPC Program ].

Here is a copy of an email that Dan recently sent out to all IPC paid members.

This is to inform you that live training will be available starting the first week in September with the IPC Program.

Live training will include many different areas with our program, but I wanted to list a few of the major areas that will definately increase your sales with the program.

These areas include:

No Cost Methods Marketing
Craigslist, making your ads stick with results
Articles, writing and submitting them like a pro
Blogs, powerful concepts that bring massive traffic
YouTube, Creating a simple video that produces sales
Viral Marketing, combining methods for huge results

Pay Per Clicks
Advanced google and yahoo techniques that really work
Lowering your cost per click the right way
Building a powerful keyword list
Making your campaigns relevant and profitable

Solo Ads
Creating a solo ad that cannot be ignored
Making your solo ad viral to produce huge traffic

Opt-Ins & Safelist
Using them the right way instead of the wrong way
How testing multiple messages makes the difference

Print Advertising
How it is impossible to fail with the right ad
See how a single ad can pull in 30 sales a month

– And much, much more!

You will be stunned at what you are about to learn in our live training sessions with the IPC Program.

This will be some of the most advanced training ever done on the internet and this training will kick your IPC Business into high gear.

All live training sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend them – you will still be able to viewthem on your own time 24 hours a day.¬† (Another reason to become¬† paid member asap) Our program includes: Step by step training Audio training Video training and Call support Not to mention receiving 200.00 over & over again, and we are always there to assist you when you need it. Again, live training will be starting the first week in September. This live training will finally shine a light on how easy it truly is to make your living online. —————————- Many of our members had record sales over the last 2 weeks including beginners and I would like to say “Congrats”. Keep up the great work, as I am sure you are enjoying the income it is producing. Sincerely, Dan Miller The IPC Program