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Considering Independent Profit Center – IPC Program – You MUST Read This First

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Below is a reprint of an email that Mike Dillard sent out. It is reprinted by permission.

Whether you are considering The Independent Profit CenterIPC Program, Cruise To Cash, or any other business you must read this.

The information is critical for anyone who is considering ANY type of business.


Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor

Forum Post Inspires Mike’s Next Rant.
Small Children Should Cover Their Ears…
Ok, so I came across this post about a week ago on the MS Forum, and it instantly struck a cord with me.After you’ve been in this industry as long as I have, you start to get X-ray vision when it comes to reading people, and the answer to this person’s dilemma, was painted right there throughout her post.I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for days, so I finally decided to share my thoughts about it with you…Here it is…My husband and I joined ******* in April. So far it has been a frustrating experience. We followed the steps our sponsor suggested and have seen nothing for results. Some people ask for more information and we talk but then they disappear. It seems like they see the price and figure its a scam.

There is such a stigma around the internet that if you have to put in money upfront it’s a scam. We can’t seem to get people past the $3,000. I know there is an option for people to join for $100 to be an affiliate but then you pass up sales and people are like no way. I read on forums how much success people are having with their business and can’t help but wonder what they are doing that we’re not. We keep trucking and trying. Hopefully our efforts will pay off. Good Luck to our fellow ****** members!


So how many times have you heard other people say something just like this? How many times have you said something like this yourself?

I hear similar stories from people on a DAILY basis, and years ago, I could have written this post myself!

So let’s dissect this together, and I’ll share the insights I’ve gained through my experiences with you along the way.

Please understand that I’m not picking on the author in any way. In fact, I applaud her for seeking an answer, and have full confidence in her ability to find that answer and become a stronger leader for it.

This is about LEARNING, and GROWING. Who wrote the post above is irrelevant, because we’ve all been there, (myself included), but with that being said, I’m not going to sugar coat this…

My goal is to help you identify the psychology behind the words, so you can learn to identify your own weaknesses and address them.

There’s a lot going on here…

From the very beginning, “Sarah”, seeks out the sympathetic attention of others, and then tries to pin responsibility for her lack of success on something outside her self.

This is something you CANNOT allow yourself to do. You must take responsibility for your actions and your results.

Until you honestly and truly do, you’ll be an employee. Why? Because there’s no one to blame when you’re the boss, and until you’re comfortable with that fact, you’ll never be the boss.

It’s not your family’s fault, it’s not George Bush’s fault, it’s not because you were picked on as a child, it’s not your sponsor’s fault, and it’s not your marketing system’s fault.

Which brings my to my biggest pet-peeve in this industry… I can’t stand it when a leader hands someone an ingenious marketing system that WORKS for $50/Mo, and that would take them 5+ years and $250,000+ to create, and then they blame that leader when they don’t make any money.

These people are the whiners and complainers in this industry, and they’re the biggest p*****s on the planet.

It’s your fault.

Accept that and be at peace with it. Once you do, you’ll gain access to an entirely new reality where the successful entrepreneurs play.

Everything that happens in my life, for better or worse, IS MY FAULT. And I’m totally fine with that.

When “Sarah” can’t figure out why she’s not succeeding, her mind tries to find the most logical reason why, and in this case, it’s price.

That’s an excuse. Price doesn’t matter.

I learned this the heard way, because I thought, (just like Sarah), that it did… But at that time, my opportunity only cost $200 to get started!

Yet I was coming from a poverty mentality, and back then $200 was a lot of money in my world.

That was my reality, and I projected my reality onto everyone else. I assumed they would think $200 was a lot of money as well, and guess what… The people I attracted to myself DID!

If you think a $3,000 fee is too expensive and that people won’t pay it, or that they’ll call it a scam… THEY WILL TOO.

If you think $3,000 is a bargain, and that your opportunity is truly valuable, then THEY WILL TOO.

It has nothing to do with the actual price. It has to do with your reality and whether or not you’re really congruent with the opportunity you’re in.

I understand that you might be hurting financially right now, and that’s fine, but you need to get this…

If you feel poor, you’re going to project that reality and see the world through poor persons glasses, and everything you say or do will be affected by it.

Well I have news for you…

The world isn’t poor. You just see it that way.

There are millions of people out there who would have no problems investing $3,000 to start a business.

Hell, people normally spend $10,000 to $20,000 to join MY opportunity. And that’s intentional!

I decided a few years ago, that I wanted to be involved in a business that REQUIRED that kind of investment, because I only wanted to associate with people who were living in that kind of abundance and reality.

You are living in a mental world that you designed, and you constantly justify and support that world through the people you associate with, the books you read, the shows you watch, the actions you take, and the excuses you make.

People in this industry are looking for something OUTSIDE themselves to change their reality… They’re looking for a system, a product, and opportunity, a sponsor… ANYTHING and everything but themselves.

These are the losers that buy quality training courses and then send them back when they don’t get rich.

I’ve probably bought 100 MORE books and training courses than you have over the past 10 years, and I’ve never sent back a single one.

Why? Because I don’t expect them to bring me results on a silver platter. I expected them to allow me to create my own results through sacrifice and hard work.

If you want to change your results, you have to change your attitude.

You have to change the way you see yourself, your business, and the world around you.

People don’t see the internet as a scam, and the $3,000 price tag doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

Right now, you don’t live in a reality of abundance, and you aren’t truly congruent with the idea of being a leader just yet, because leaders don’t make excuses.

That’s FINE. NO ONE starts there. We all have to acquire those skills.

This is a matter of personal confidence. If you want to see the power of a changed reality in action… If you want proof that it’s possible… Then just watch any of those makeover shows on TV.

They take a person with zero confidence… A person with that doesn’t respect their body… A person that thinks the world hates them, and that they’re ugly… And within a day they completely transform their lives with a simple haircut and change of clothes.

They look into the mirror and they see someone completely different, someone confident, someone powerful, and instantly… A new reality for their life is created.

It is unbelievably powerful.

So here’s the deal… Leaders run into more problems than anyone else, but instead of placing blame, they look for solutions.

Instead of saying, “We followed the steps our sponsor suggested and have seen nothing for results”, they say…

“What can we do differently to get the results we want?” Where am I weak right now, and what can I do in order to strengthen that aspect of my life?”

Once you start asking yourself how you can move forward, find a solution to your problem, or reach your goal, your reality will change and you will get ideas that will allow you to do accomplish what you want.

If you’re frustrated with your life or your business right now for ANY reason at all, go walk up to a mirror and look closely, because the person you see is the only one that’s holding you back.

Accept that and use your new epiphany to start building a new reality for yourself filled with confidence and the expectation of

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Mike Dillard