Are You Considering DiscMojo by Paul Ponna ?

Paul Ponna recently launched an amazing new software called DiscMojo.

The headline on the sales page reads…

“Ridiculously Easy To Use, Yet Incredibly Powerful Software Increases Your Profits By Upto 300% By Converting Your Digital InfoProducts Into Physical Products Almost Effortlessly!”

The sales page goes on to say…

Now You Can Package, Ship and Deliver Your Physical CD’s and DVD’s On Complete AutoPilot And Build A Highly Profitable Buyer List Just Like The Gurus. . .

The best part is how easy the software is to use…

“Unlike other hard-to-use and expensive CD/DVD automation ‘scripts’ available in the market, you can collect the buyer email list and it is compatible with all autoresponder services. Plus, you never have to edit a single line of code!”

I have been looking for an easy way to convert one of my digital products into a physical CD so that I can advertise it in auction format on Ebay.

And with the rediculously low price of only $27 I just couldn’t refuse.

If you want to buy DiscMojo just go here.

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